Thursday, March 12, 2015

Austin this is Ttotals

Austin we will see you in just a few days!! Hope to see some familiar faces in the crowd, so make it out to one of our showcases next week. We are real excited to be back in Austin!!!

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Have you Let Everything Through?

Wow! What a year!! Another of firsts in the Ttotals camp. We started our year off with a tour with Lorrelle Meets the Obsolete and continued through to our tour with Psychic Teens. Which was a short support tour for our just released LP Let Everything Come Through. More tour dates on the very close horizon, yes Tom Gilmore we are coming to Boston, and more on those dates very soon.
Thank you to everyone who supported us this year! We are very blessed to have so many friends. Special Thanks go out to: Mac, who is now our booking agent and tour manager. Damn dude, we could not have done a lot with out you this year! Ryan Muldoon! We love the Ape so much! His continued support is always an ace in our pocket. Lorelle Meets the Obsolete, What an awesome band! They are also beautiful and inspiring people to be around. Very lucky we have become close and gotten to know them. Nest Egg, They have really come into something special and we are very happy to support these awesome guys with whatever means that are at our disposal. We always feel welcome in Asheville when these guys are around.
The list continues with Shana Falana. Her and Mike have been super supportive of us and we give the love back to them. Hope to see you guys more in 2015! The Diamond Center!! Our oldest and the best of friends we have. Megan, aka Fuzzy Logic, introduced us back on our first tourcation in 2009. Love you all so much. Megan included! Brandi, Kyle, Lindsey and Tim have a new record coming out very soon and we can't wait to hear it!! And hears to playing together in 2015. And really special thanks goes out Mr. Dan Brinner. He takes care of the awesome RVRB Records and really has shown his support for us on more than one occasion.
We have so much on the horizon for 2015, so y'all need to stay tuned for all that info. We have always stuck to our commitments of sending out our waves of sound and spreading our sense of community past our everyday lives. Hope we continue to do those things for many years to come! See y'all in 2015!!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Impose in NYC

Swinging little hello over on Impose Magazine about Let Everything Come Through. Thanks so much y'all!!

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

LECT Promo! LP is coming very soon!

Ttotals : Let Everything Come Through from David Shamban on Vimeo.

Thanks to Dave Samban, Craig Hill and DigDeep Lightshow for helping us out. Much appreciated our brothers!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

We are in Detroit tomorrow night at Pj's Lager House. Hope to see all our area Detroit friends out. Looking at you Sisters of Your Sunshine Vapor!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Midwest we are coming for you.

A still from our promo video shoot a couple of days ago.
Thanks to Dave Shamban, Craig Hill and Dig Deep Light Show for helping us out and shooting the promo.
These guys do really amazing work.
We can not wait for y'all to hear this awesome record!
Gonna be out October 7th via Twin Lakes Records.
In other news.
We've now sold out of our amazing 10" Silver On Black.
Yup, gone, OOP! Out of Print.
Hope y'all got your copy!
Here are some tour dates with our friends Ascent of Everest.
Gonna be a great time out on the road!
Sept. 3rd Detroit at Lager House
Sept. 4th Chicago at The Owl
Sept. 5th Chicago at Cobra Lounge
Sept. 6th Muncie at Be Here Now
Hope to see all y'all out there.